Amaya Bravo

If you are thinking of investing in embroidery production on a tight budget, the AMAYA BRAVO is a great place to start.

The BRAVO 16 needle professional embroidery machine offers businesses of any size powerful embroidery capabilities at an affordable price.

The BRAVO can embroider apparel, caps, bags, and a wide variety of textiles with beautiful quality. Based on the powerful AMAYA XT embroidery machine platform, the BRAVO produces all the professional quality embroidery your customers will keep coming back to you for.

Personalized and embroidered goods are in demand and the BRAVO is built to produce a wide variety of products to meet these demands.

The BRAVO can embroider:

  • Shirts
  • Caps
  • Blankets
  • Bags
  • Pockets
  • Jackets
  • Pants/Jeans
  • Leather
Type and # of Heads 1 Arm & Bed
# of Needles 16
Maximum Tubular flat hoop size (X by Y) 360mm x 300mm (14.17"x 11.8")
Removable Table Top (option) Yes 
Conventional Cap Frame (option) 152mm x 70mm (5.9"x 2.75")
Min/Max Sew Speed Flats 300-1000 spm
Min/Max Sew Speed Caps 300-1000 spm
Stitch Length Range Only Limited by Hoop Size
User Interface (AMAYA OS Lite only) 
Machine Configuration single head
Self-Diagnostics Capability N/A
Simplified User Interface Step by Step Guide Software
Thread Feed Technology Patented Acti-Feed
Thread Break Detection yes
Automatic Backup No
Automatic Trimmer Yes
Lighting Type Cold Bright Cold bright LED
Power Supply (V) 90-260V  (Single Phase, 50/60 HZ, 4A)
Power Consumption (W) Typical: 200 Watts Max: 650 Watts
Temperature Range 15-40° C
Humidity Max 85% RH
Installation Category (overvoltage) II
Pollution Degree 2
Motor Type(s) Servo
Motor Capacity (kV) X and Z: 100 Watts Y: 250 Watts
Machine Construction Material Aluminum


Physical Specifications with Cart (option)
Width 724mm (28.5")
Height 1584mm (62.4")
Depth 944mm (37.2")
Weight 95.4kg (210.3 lbs)


Physical Specifications without Cart (standard)
Width 724mm (28.5")
Height 950.9mm (37.4")
Depth 737mm (29.0")
Weight 75kg (165lbs)


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