GLITTER - Metallic Foil Thread

Glittery Foil Yarn for Shiny and Metallic Effects. 

The new foil yarn GLITTER produces fascinating glittery effects for stunning embroideries. Like a hologram the cut, untwisted yarn surface refracts the light adding brilliance to any embroidery design. Ideal for large-scale designs – in the clothing or accessory trade.


Processing Recommendations

Thread Tension: as for all metallic threads, a loose thread tension is extremely important.

Thread Unwinding: make sure to slip the provided thread net over the cone before you start embroidering. This will guarantee even thread unwinding.

Needle: use universal needle Organ 75/11 SES or special needle for metallic threads Organ 775 in case of difficulties.

Bobbin Thread: for best results, use BOBBY SYN 120 or 130.

Design: particularly effective for large-scale patterns with longer stitches.

Technical Information

Item No. 1411 + Colour Number

Upper thread

Material: 60% polyester, 40% polyamid.

Strength: Nm 75/2; dtex 133.

Range of colours: 5 plain shades: gold, silver, red, blue, green, plus 1 multi-coloured type.

Make-up: Mini-king cones, 1000 m each.

Dispatch and packing size: 1 carton = 10 Mini-king cones, 1000 m each, also available as single cones.


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