POLY - Colourfast to Chlorine


Indestructible for Heavy-Duty Use! POLY is an extremely durable polyester thread for everything that is heavily strained. Incredibly tear resistant and colourfast to chlorine, 

POLY is the optimum solution for embroideries on working clothes, jeans or caps – as these products have to be washed at high temperatures or have to be bleached. And the vast selection of colours available is a dream come true! Polyester Embroidery Thread - Colourfast to Chlorine POLY.

Processing Recommendations

  • For thread strength 40 use standard needle ORGAN No. 75/11 SES.
  • For thread strength 60 use needle ORGAN No. 60/8 SES.
Bobbin Thread:
  • For best results, use BOBBY SYN 130 or BOBBY FIL 110L.
  • POLY 60 is particularly suitable for small letterings and fine details.

Technical Information

Upper thread for durable embroideries.
Material: 100% polyester
  • Strength 40: Nm 77/2; dtex 128/2.
  • Strength 60: Nm 128/2; dtex 78/2.
Colour range:
See colour chart »POLY«.
With Oeko-Tex Certificate. Tested for harmful substances.
  • Strength 40: Mini-king cones of 1000 m each, Cones of 5000 m each.
  • Strength 60: Mini-king cones of 1500 m each.
Dispatch and packing size:
  • POLY 40: Carton with 10 mini-king cones.
  • POLY 40: Carton with 10 cones (also available individually).
  • POLY 60: Carton with 10 mini-king cones (also available individually).
Special sample kits
  • For thread strength 40: 1 spool each of all 300 colours available in a handy assortment case.
  • For thread strengths 40 and 60: 1 spool each of 27 most important shades as set.

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