Thermal transfer


With thermo-films you can produce high-quality colored pictures and logos on t-shirts, polo shirts, vests and jackets, as well as numbers on the sportswear.

To create multicolored images a high-quality solvent printing method is used, which involves transferring the image on a special film (using our own equipment).

Thermal transfer is a universal technology that allows to place images on different products.

During the thermal transfer thermo-film and thermopress are used.

Process of the thermal transfer:

  1. Choose an image.
  2. Next, the plotter connected to the computer cuts the thermo-film by following image contours. When cutting is finished, transfer is ready (sticker).
  3. Then parts of the film that aren’t supposed to be on the image are removed from the film foundation (background is removed so that only image stays attached).
  4. Now transfer must be placed on the fabric and heated under the thermopress.
  5. Thermo-film foundation is removed.

Plotter – special equipment used to inscribe different graphical information (also images) on thermo-film automatically. Image is inscribed by following given contours.

Thermo-fillm consists of two parts – upper surface (the film itself) and the backing surface (transparent polymer foundation). Plotter cuts through the upper surface, but the backing surface is cut only partially. This way all details of the image stay in their original places.

Advantages of thermal transfer - high durability of the image and color retention after wash.

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