Seals, stamps and facsimiles are used in every commercial or public organisation almost every day. We make stamps of all kinds on our modern laser equipment: round, triangular stamps, date stamps and etc. It is possible to make stamp from print, sketch or sample.

From history

Stamp translated from latin as image. Sphragistics is a science that studies stamps. First stamps were dated to 5-10 century BC. In Assyria, Babylon, Egypt and Urartu were used cylindrical shaped stamps made from rock. In Ancient Egypt were used stamps with an image of the ruler to notarize decrees that exempt certain temples from the corvee. Some sources say that ancient travellers – army chiefs and ancient Turkish batyrs, also used stamps.

Nowadays, stamps are very common for people, it is ownership sign, mark. We stamp documents, items, food packages. This habit came to us from the Middle East. There, on the present territory of Turkey and Iraq, were found the oldest stamps of age 6 thousand years. Stamps usually were made from rocks, bones, faience, wood and also from clay, but very rarely. Stamps were oval, square, different figures. On the outside an image was made, which was stamped on softer materials – clay or wax. On the other side of the stamp loop was made for hanging the stamp. The oldest stamps were with images of geometrical ornaments, later with people and animal images.

Large choice of casings is available in our office and also it is possible to order casings from the catalog. You can choose different color inkpads for stamps with automatic casings. Standard color: black, blue, red, violet, green. Using these colors you will never have any problems with refilling them. Other colors: light blue, brown, orange, pink.

The standard period of the manufacture of seals is 1-2 days, but urgent manufacture for few hours is also possible.

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