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Car mirror and component marking

In Riga thieves are stealing at least 15 car side mirrors per day. Besides, if BMW and Mercedes owners were the most common victims previously, today the thieves take everything that crosses their path, with no regard to car mark and year.

A way to secure yourself from this kind of thieves is side mirror marking. Marked mirrors are not interesting for the thieves – it is difficult to sell them on the black market.

Marking means engraving of last 8 car chassis digits on mirrors. It is impossible to remove it and the engravement itself is very noticeable. Thieves will avoid cars with marked mirrors. Especially because this kind of marks can be registered in a police database that would help to determine the owner very quickly.

Mirror marking is made by using laser to avoid direct contact and mirror surface damaging. After engravement thieves will lose any interest in your car mirrors and components, because they will become very recognizable.


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