SULKY - Embroidery Thread made of 100% ENKA Viscose

sulky threads sampleThe Premium Thread with Colour Guarantee! The quality of viscose threads can vary quite a lot. 

Made of 100% branded viscose, SULKY® has gained a top rank in the list of most acclaimed embroidery threads worldwide – thanks to its silky smooth shine and flawless, even colouring, not to forget its high non-fade properties and colour fastness: a SULKY® colour tone will keep its brilliance for years.This makes sampling and reordering an easy task while guaranteeing reliable results. And nature benefits too: the manufacturing process of SULKY® is extremely environmentally friendly and conserving natural resources!

Processing Recommendations

  • Needle: Use standard needle ORGAN No. 75/11 SES. If necessary, use needle ORGAN 80 for strength 30.
  • Bobbin Thread: For best results, use BOBBY SYN 130 or BOBBY FIL 110L.

Technical Information

Upper thread for glamorous embroideries.

Material: 100% ENKA viscose

Strength 30: Nm 50/2; dtex 200/2

Strength 40: Nm 75/2; dtex 133/2

Colour range: 390 colours


  • Strength 40: Mini-king cones of 1000 m each, Cones of 5000 m each;
  • Strength 30: Spools of 25 g each, Cones of 5000 m each.

Dispatch and packing size:

  • SULKY® 40: Carton with 10 mini-king cones;
  • SULKY® 40: Carton with 10 cones (also available individually);
  • SULKY® 30: Carton with 10 spools;
  • SULKY® 30: Carton with 10 cones (also available individually).


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