embroidery eng

Logotipu izšušana uz visa veida audumiem
un izstradajumiem (polo, t-krekli, dvieli,
bluzes, cepures, galdauti), ka ari vimpelu un
karogu izgatavošana.

Logo embroidering on all kinds of fabrics and goods (polo shirts, t-shirts, towels, blouses, hats, tablecloths), as well as creation of pennants and flags.

Embroidery is a technological process which allows to create images with the help of threads on chosen fabric.

Embroidery process:

  1. First you need to choose an image.
  2. Using special program designer converts your picture into embroidery model.
  3. Next embroidery machine and fabric must be prepared.
  4. Then image can be made on a fabric by previously prepared model.

Advantages of embroidery are volume texture, durability and long usage time. Also the possibility of creating difficult multicolor images that will always look impressive.


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