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MelcoJet™ 2010

Digital Garment Printer

Introducing the All New MelcoJet Direct to Garment Printer for 2010. The New MelcoJet is eCommerce Ready! Get Your LiveDesigner Suite Online T-Shirt Store for Free with Your New MelcoJet Apparel Printer.
Print on light & dark cotton PLUS light colored polyester products.


 New MelcoJet Features:

  • Print on light and dark cotton/cotton blend fabric
  • Print on light colored polyester fabric
  • Print on a wide variety of products, not just t-shirts!
  • Generation II Print Head. A special coating reduces the frequency of maintenance procedures
  • Uses the same ink cartridges as the original MelcoJet
  • New user-friendly LCD display control panel
  • Auto print head maintenance—set it and forget it
  • Improved speed and print quality
  • High resolution capability for photo-quality prints
  • User-friendly MelcoJet printing software
  • 30% to 50% higher production rate

The New MelcoJet is the most technologically advanced direct to garment printing business solution.
To help you hit the ground running, the new MelcoJet comes packaged with a free LiveDesigner Suite print website.
Combine this powerful direct to garment printer with a slick eCommerce website (which includes a built-in t-shirt designer) and you've taken two giant steps towards adding major profits to your garment decoration business.

LiveDesigner Suite is your very own online store complete with products, designs, shopping cart and built online t-shirt designer.

Download orders from your LiveDesigner website to your MelcoJet print software, and print directly to your MelcoJet printer on light & dark cotton or light colored polyester products.

The MelcoJet is the state of the art Digital Garment Printer, aka T-shirt printer, suitable for printing on all types of garments, textile materials and decorative items. The MelcoJet prints graphics and text in full color on white, pastel and light colored garments. Optional RIP software allows to print black or dark-colored garments. The MelcoJet offers eight ink channels which is user configurable for colored inks. Optional RIP software enables the use of white ink necessary for dark shirt printing. The MelcoJet can use AnaBright digital textile ink for cotton, cotton blends and other general purpose printing directly on the substrate. With the newly released PolyBright textile ink, it prints directly on polyester, nylon, rayon, spandex and other synthetic fiber materials. With the printing speed of about 1 minute per garment (speed approximated for a 10"x10" sized graphic), it is one the fastest garment decoration printers on the market today. Dark garment printing takes two passes: first the white ink underbase, then the colored inks. At about 2.5 - 3 minutes per garment, the MelcoJet is unmatched for its dark garment printing speed. The MelcoJet is the most productive and versatile digital garment printing system available; for youth size garments and shirt sleeves, the optional Youth Size Print Table or Long Print Table can be used. The MelcoJet retains the highly-acclaimed classic Closed Loop Ink Delivery System while taking advantage of valuable new developments in technology. The MelcoJet is designed to reduce ink nozzle clogging and banding to a minimum. The maintenance is also reduced to a weekly service station cleaning, a five minute procedure. With Auto Print Head Maintenance, daily head cleaning in the morning is no longer required. Print Head cleaning is recommended only when the nozzle check calls for it.


MelcoJet™ 2010 Printer Specifications

 Printer Model

 MelcoJet Model SP-200

 Printing Method

 Direct to Garment Inkjet Printing

 Printhead Technology

 Piezo-Electric Drop-On-Demand Inkjet

 Ink Delivery System

 Closed-Loop Ink Delivery with Bulk Ink Cartridges

 Garment Handling

 Shuttling Print Table, Hooped and Non-Hooped Operation

 Max. Image Size (Table Size)

 12.5” X 16.0” (31.75 cm X 40.64 cm)

 Garment Thickness Adjustment

 Up to .8” (2.03 cm)

 Printer size W x L x H / Weight

 30.3” x 32.3” x 15.8” (77cm x 82cm x 40cm) / Approx. 82 lbs (37kg)

 Ink Type

 Water-based ink, for direct printing

 Ink Colors

 AnaBright Ink: CMYK + White Inks; PolyBright Ink: CMYK Inks

 Number of Ink Channels / Nozzles

 8 Channels, 180 Nozzles per Channel, Total of 1,440 Nozzles

 Printing Resolution

 720 dpi x 720 dpi (normal); 720 x 1,440 dpi (fine); 1,440 x 1,440 dpi (super fine)

 Printer Software

 Windows XP and Vista platform, AnaPrint Driver Program is provided with the printer. RIP program for dark garment printing is optional.

 Printable Substrates

 100% Cotton, Cotton Blends, Polyester, Poly-cotton, Nylon, Rayon, Spandex, and others


 Auto Maintenance Setting; Plus Regular Manual Maintenance

 Operating System Requirements

 Windows XP or Vista (32 bit version)
Or a Mac running Boot Camp or emulation software

 Environment (Operating)

 Temperature: 61°F (16°C) to 95°F (35°C)
 Humidity : 45-80% RH (non-condensing)


 USB 2.0

 Power Consumption

 65VA (average active), 15VA (idling)

 Power Supply

 AC115V 50/60Hz (US); AC 220V 50Hz(Europe and others)

 Production Origin

 Manufactured in Denver, CO, USA.